Victory is peachy!

Peach Keglevich Vodka triumphs with its unique flavor at the World Liqueur Awards.
4 May 2021

Delicate, soft, velvety. Who can resist Peach Keglevich Vodka? Definitely not the World Liqueur Awards, which elected it Best Fruit for the Czech Republic, native country where is one of the purest and most unique waters in the world, Pilsen water.

It was praised by the judges as a vodka with a strong and very addictive flavor, sugared on the nose, with a hint of peach syrup on the palate that leaves a spicy and peppery.

Professionals chosen as jurors are the true value of this gold medal: prominent journalists, specialized beverage sellers and industry experts. Highly qualified people who recognized the excellent quality of Keglevich.

Now, the only thing left to do is a nice toast to celebrate!