#SkipOrdinaryBeauty: a truly out of the ordinary event.

On April 20, from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm in via Recco in the Crescenzago district in Milan (MM verde Crescenzago stop) there will be a big party in honor of feminine beauty, authentic and unconventional. A meeting designed to celebrate empowerment and diversity, placing women in all her facets at the center of the event.

Thanks to a completely open-air path, it will be possible to admire the most iconic elements of the #SkipOrdinaryBeauty project: the six murals depicting contemporary femininity, the portraits of Crescenzago’s women and the limited edition dedicated to the project.

In addition to all these activities, there will be many other surprises and unprecedented performances, but to discover them all you have to do is participate in the event! Keglevich awaits you.

And if it rains it will be even more Skip The Ordinary!

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