Keglevich in the name of peace

Keglevich supports the uniqueness of each individual, the richness of exchange, the freedom to be oneself. This is why it chooses to step up and celebrate peace as a universal value.

Hence the desire to give support to the Ukrainian people in these months of great personal, labor and emotional upheaval. Stock Spirits Group, of which Keglevich is a part, is committed to helping the people make a gradual return to normality by providing relief and aid in the city of Lublin, on the Ukrainian border, where Keglevich is brewed by people who first welcomed refugees into their homes.

And, in the new Limited Edition, Keglevich steps aside on the label to make way for the word peace, translated into different languages, because however you write and pronounce it, it contains the same message of hope.

Find out more on our dedicated page (link).

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