Yes. The entire Keglevich product range is gluten and GMO free.

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Keglevich is available at the major Italian dealers. If you are looking for a specific flavor and you want to know the nearest point of sale, please contact the following e-mail address: Keglevich is also available for online purchase at Click the “BUY NOW” button and choose your favorite product.

The “Click&drink” function on Keglevich web site allows you to buy all of our products by directly accessing to the cart of your favorite dealer. With the “BUY NOW” button you are one click away from the available stores, so that you can choose your favorite one. The product is instantly added to the cart of the dealer of your choice where you can finalize the purchase. The Keglevich web site redirects you safely to external web sites where you usually shop online. Payment methods and delivery options are up to the dealer of your choice.

The service is specifically designed to let you buy from your favorite dealer where you already have an account. When you choose the dealer, you immediately get redirected to the relative web site: at this point you just have to log in with your credentials and finalize the deal.

You have to register by creating an account on the chosen dealer’s web site. The information required is up to any single web site: you just have to follow the directions.

Your shopping will be delivered to your home by the shipping service of the chosen dealer.

The shipping bill depends on the dealer and it can change according to the total amount of your shopping (depending on the price, the shipping can also be free) and to the chosen shipping time.

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