Drinking cocktail while eating?

It’s called “Food paring”.
10 October 2019

Food Pairing is the art born in the Anglo-Saxon countries of combining food with spirits such as gin, vodka and whiskey. The concept is built on the association of foods based on their molecular and aromatic composition. Wherefore, green light for all the cocktails able to enhance the contrast of flavors or their similarity. The goal is not just to find flavors that go well together, but to create a mix in which food and cocktails are mutually reinforcing and extracting unexpected nuances from each other.

What food goes perfectly with Moscow Mule?

If you think you haven’t found the perfect combination between food and cocktail, you might have not taken into consideration the Moscow Mule. The taste of vodka, together with the pinching side of ginger and the refreshing power of lime, make it one of the most interesting cocktails to pair food with. From paella to the more classic platter of cold cuts, you can never get tired of it. Even fish fits perfectly with this cocktail: spaghetti with zucchini and shrimps or plate-grilled salmon, both create a contrast of fragrances able to leave the mark. Another surprise is to find in potatoes; whether boiled, roasted, fried or backed, it’s an explosion of flavours when juxtaposed to a Moscow Mule. For the lovers of a more international cuisine, we suggest the cocktail together with a dish of Pad Thai. Ginger and Lime are the leading actors in both the Moscow Mule and the Thai cuisine: the attraction between the two is just irresistibile, and the cool notes of the cocktail will be able to quench the tipical spicyness of the dish.