Skip Ordinary Moscow Mule is here!

Here comes the new project #SkipTheOrdinary signed GRAM, a collective of street artists from Milan with which an idea out of the ordinary was born. 

The news takes the name, and hashtag, #SkipOrdinaryMoscowMule. The basis of the project is the preparation of our K-Fruit Mule, the tasty reinterpretation of the Moscow Fruit Mule. Thanks to the stop motion technique, a video was created in which Vodka Keglevich Dry, Vodka Keglevich Peach, ginger beer, the Keglevich mug, fruit and ice dance together creating an animation of great effect. Between rainbows, stars and ice explosions, K-Fruit is composed to the rhythm of music and colors. 

To make the video it took over 35 hours of shooting for a total of 240 frames and a team of ten people who walked up and down the set for over 200km. 

From today on it will be even more artistic and fun to mix taste and originality even at home. With the K-Fruit Mule you can create a different work of art every day! Watch the video starring K-Fruit Mule Fishing and discover the other 9 flavors of K-Fruit Mule on the site. 

Vodka Dry and Vodka Peach conquer London

The judges of the London Spirits Competition, the most important world exponents in the field of alcohol, could not but fall in love with the fresh Vodka Dry and Vodka Peach. 

The first, praised for the «delicate floral notes. Slightly creamy, with a clean and smooth finish». Vodka Peach, on the other hand, has distinguished itself for «slightly floral notes by the nose, capable of releasing in the mouth hints of apricot and peach, perceptible even on the finish». 

A goal that we are still tasting, but unable to stop the explosion of tastes and aromas always extra that distinguish us from 1882. 


Here comes the new limited edition mug of Keglevich, extraordinarily #SkipTheOrdinary!

Sinuous, distinctive and original just like the exclusive shape of Keglevich’s bottle.

Through her Skip The Ordinary style, the mug is designed to hold the right amount of ice, at home just as at the bar.

The mug is available in the best Italian supermarkets while stocks last. With the bottle and the mug, it comes also a QR Code that allows you to discover all the ingredients to make the K-Fruit Mule. By framing it with your smartphone camera, it gives you access to the complete recipe in a few seconds.

The cocktail is so versatile that you can try it with all kinds of Keglevich vodka like strawberry, peach, green apple, lemon, melon, berries, coconut and raspberry and even with the more particular ones such as mint, ginseng and guarana and licorice. A K-Fruit mule for all tastes, all definitely Skip The Ordinary.

Victory is peachy!

Delicate, soft, velvety. Who can resist Peach Keglevich Vodka? Definitely not the World Liqueur Awards, which elected it Best Fruit for the Czech Republic, native country where is one of the purest and most unique waters in the world, Pilsen water.

It was praised by the judges as a vodka with a strong and very addictive flavor, sugared on the nose, with a hint of peach syrup on the palate that leaves a spicy and peppery.

Professionals chosen as jurors are the true value of this gold medal: prominent journalists, specialized beverage sellers and industry experts. Highly qualified people who recognized the excellent quality of Keglevich.

Now, the only thing left to do is a nice toast to celebrate!

It may be Dry, but it never dries up

Keglevich participated in the World Vodka Awards again this year, a world-renowned competition that selects every year the best vodka on an international level.

Medals are awarded based on taste and design, categories that involve experts from all over the world. The quality of the vodkas have been judged by leading journalists, specialised beverage sellers, distillers and industry experts.

After a careful selection and tasting, our Keglevich Dry Vodka won the bronze medal for the second consecutive year. Among the oldest Vodkas in the world (it was created in 1882), it stood out for the recognized quality of the raw materials and its intense aroma, pungent but with a clean taste. If Keglevich Dry is so popular, it is also due to the final note of peppery anise, a detail able to balance its taste and creaminess.

Now, after this good news, we just have to celebrate. Let’s have a toast… cheers!

Skip Ordinary Edition

What’s better than a Keglevich bottle? A collectible Keglevich bottle!

The Keglevich Dry Limited Edition bottles, created in collaboration with Orticanoodles, a collective of internationally renowned street artists, are arriving on the best shelves of large-scale distribution. An edition that “skips” the ordinary in favor of originality: 100,000 numbered labels, all different and unique but united by a special design, made up of details of smiling faces, without masks.

A special Limited Edition, designed on the one hand to celebrate the desire to return to celebrate together and on the other to give a living form to the thought “Skip the Ordinary” which tells of Keglevich’s desire to look at reality from new points of view, beyond of conventions and embracing new forms and increasingly personal styles.

It’s raining medals for Keglevich

When vodka is premium, there is even more taste!

Today we are celebrating a triple success for Keglevich, who saw vodka Dry and Pesca win big in two important international competitions.

In the first, the Global Spirits Masters, after careful judgment by a pool of experts on appearance, aroma and finish on the palate, Keglevich Dry and Keglevich Pesca won the gold medal thanks to their intense taste and their unique personality, which made them the number 1 vodkas in Italy.

In addition, at the International Spirit Challenge, Keglevich Dry won the silver medal by battling hard against vodkas from over 70 countries around the world.

Now, we just have to celebrate!

K-Fruit Mule Happy Hour

Skip the ordinary is to avoid the usual and explore something new, out of the ordinary, just like our unexpected K-Fruit Mule.

Don’t believe it? Come and visit us at the bar “La Ringhiera” in Milan! Since July, we have a series of appointments that will make you change your mind.

A mix of gadgets and fun await you, capable of refreshing even the hottest summer nights thanks to the tasty notes of the coolest summer drinks.

Do not miss the events of the month, and more importantly: remember to never take yourself too seriously, even when talking about something serious like an aperitif.

Keglevich’s mugs are on their way!

Starting from this month, if you’d like to buy a bottle of Keglevich Peach or Keglevich Strawberry you will find a unique gift included: the iconic moscow mule mug by Keglevich!
Follow the recipe inside the mug and create your own delicious, fresh and unusual moscow mule in full Keglevich style!

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ of Keglevich Strawberry, ginger beer and the juice of a half lime to toast with the Strawberry K-Fruit Mule.

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ of Keglevich Strawberry, ginger beer and the juice of a half lime to toast with the K-Fruit Mule Pesca.

The limited edition special pack is waiting for you in the best supermarkets and hypermarkets of Italy, as long as stocks last.

Looking for inspiration to create other home cocktails? Discover the recipes in the “Cocktails” section of our website.

The Keglevich Dry is now even more premium

The authorship of vodka has always been a big subject of contention between Poland and Russia, but it seems that Poland has finally won it, thanks to a written proof that goes back to 1405, coming from the Polish town of Sandomierz.
Poland is therefore the country that most of all has knowledge, skills and experience in the production of the most loved and used distillate in the world. Exactly for this reason that Poland was the chosen to give new birth to Keglevich Dry. The Polish city of Lublin boasts over 130 years of experience in the production of high quality alcohol, thanks to the continuous technological progress, and is home to the main production plant of the Stock group, which includes Keglevich Vodka.

Keglevich’s production is always improving, but its premium heart, its recipe, remains unchanged.

In fact, Keglevich’s journey begins with its carefully selected raw material: a mixture of 100% pure wheat with whole grains, made up of 60% wheat and 40% triticale, a very cold-resistant cereal, and comes from a selection and combination of rye and durum wheat. Wheat is made unique by the particularities of the soil, which is located near the coasts of the Baltic Sea. The production process involves 6 distillation cycles, to guarantee an extremely pure and precious liquid. The result is a highly digestible vodka with crystalline looks and a strong but light taste at the same time.

These are the trump cards that make Keglevich the No. 1 vodka in Italy.