It may be Dry, but it never dries up

Keglevich participated in the World Vodka Awards again this year, a world-renowned competition that selects every year the best vodka on an international level.

Medals are awarded based on taste and design, categories that involve experts from all over the world. The quality of the vodkas have been judged by leading journalists, specialised beverage sellers, distillers and industry experts.

After a careful selection and tasting, our Keglevich Dry Vodka won the bronze medal for the second consecutive year. Among the oldest Vodkas in the world (it was created in 1882), it stood out for the recognized quality of the raw materials and its intense aroma, pungent but with a clean taste. If Keglevich Dry is so popular, it is also due to the final note of peppery anise, a detail able to balance its taste and creaminess.

Now, after this good news, we just have to celebrate. Let’s have a toast… cheers!

Skip Ordinary Edition

What’s better than a Keglevich bottle? A collectible Keglevich bottle!

The Keglevich Dry Limited Edition bottles, created in collaboration with Orticanoodles, a collective of internationally renowned street artists, are arriving on the best shelves of large-scale distribution. An edition that “skips” the ordinary in favor of originality: 100,000 numbered labels, all different and unique but united by a special design, made up of details of smiling faces, without masks.

A special Limited Edition, designed on the one hand to celebrate the desire to return to celebrate together and on the other to give a living form to the thought “Skip the Ordinary” which tells of Keglevich’s desire to look at reality from new points of view, beyond of conventions and embracing new forms and increasingly personal styles.

It’s raining medals for Keglevich

When vodka is premium, there is even more taste!

Today we are celebrating a triple success for Keglevich, who saw vodka Dry and Pesca win big in two important international competitions.

In the first, the Global Spirits Masters, after careful judgment by a pool of experts on appearance, aroma and finish on the palate, Keglevich Dry and Keglevich Pesca won the gold medal thanks to their intense taste and their unique personality, which made them the number 1 vodkas in Italy.

In addition, at the International Spirit Challenge, Keglevich Dry won the silver medal by battling hard against vodkas from over 70 countries around the world.

Now, we just have to celebrate!

K-Fruit Mule Happy Hour

Skip the ordinary is to avoid the usual and explore something new, out of the ordinary, just like our unexpected K-Fruit Mule.

Don’t believe it? Come and visit us at the bar “La Ringhiera” in Milan! Since July, we have a series of appointments that will make you change your mind.

A mix of gadgets and fun await you, capable of refreshing even the hottest summer nights thanks to the tasty notes of the coolest summer drinks.

Do not miss the events of the month, and more importantly: remember to never take yourself too seriously, even when talking about something serious like an aperitif.

Keglevich’s mugs are on their way!

Starting from this month, if you’d like to buy a bottle of Keglevich Peach or Keglevich Strawberry you will find a unique gift included: the iconic moscow mule mug by Keglevich!
Follow the recipe inside the mug and create your own delicious, fresh and unusual moscow mule in full Keglevich style!

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ of Keglevich Strawberry, ginger beer and the juice of a half lime to toast with the Strawberry K-Fruit Mule.

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ of Keglevich Strawberry, ginger beer and the juice of a half lime to toast with the K-Fruit Mule Pesca.

The limited edition special pack is waiting for you in the best supermarkets and hypermarkets of Italy, as long as stocks last.

Looking for inspiration to create other home cocktails? Discover the recipes in the “Cocktails” section of our website.

The Keglevich Dry is now even more premium

The authorship of vodka has always been a big subject of contention between Poland and Russia, but it seems that Poland has finally won it, thanks to a written proof that goes back to 1405, coming from the Polish town of Sandomierz.
Poland is therefore the country that most of all has knowledge, skills and experience in the production of the most loved and used distillate in the world. Exactly for this reason that Poland was the chosen to give new birth to Keglevich Dry. The Polish city of Lublin boasts over 130 years of experience in the production of high quality alcohol, thanks to the continuous technological progress, and is home to the main production plant of the Stock group, which includes Keglevich Vodka.

Keglevich’s production is always improving, but its premium heart, its recipe, remains unchanged.

In fact, Keglevich’s journey begins with its carefully selected raw material: a mixture of 100% pure wheat with whole grains, made up of 60% wheat and 40% triticale, a very cold-resistant cereal, and comes from a selection and combination of rye and durum wheat. Wheat is made unique by the particularities of the soil, which is located near the coasts of the Baltic Sea. The production process involves 6 distillation cycles, to guarantee an extremely pure and precious liquid. The result is a highly digestible vodka with crystalline looks and a strong but light taste at the same time.

These are the trump cards that make Keglevich the No. 1 vodka in Italy.


Locked at home, separated from friends and relatives, nostalgia always around the corner, we are experiencing a difficult period, where seems there is nothing to celebrate. But it is in difficult moments that we must feel united and strengthen ourselves. That’s why we at Keglevich have decided to launch a new campaign, #aNoiCheStiamoUniti, to celebrate the closeness between people through the gesture that belongs to us most of all: the toast. 
A toast to us, Italians, people, who don’t let ourselves be discouraged and who, distant but united, don’t lose the will to toast and feel close to each other, each at home, in the hope that everything will go well and we can soon go back to hugging and having fun together.

In collaboration with the Friendz platform, we have launched our “virtual toast” on Instagram, which is rapidly engaging the spirit of many people who never lose the desire to share a “cheers” together, even if only through social networks.

If you also want to participate in our campaign, take a picture while making a toast and share it on your profile using our hashtag #aNoiCheStiamoUniti and tagging @keglevichitalia.

To break down the walls that separate us, sometimes a toast is enough.

The tradition of a limited edition toast.

The holidays are back, the toasts are back to say goodbye to the old year and, as is now tradition, the Limited Edition of the most beloved vodka is back: this year, on the occasion of the holidays, Keglevich Dry is renewed, both in the liquid and in the bottle paying homage to Poland, the country where the very origins of vodka sink.

A liquid made with 100% pure grain and obtained from a 6-cycle distillation process that makes it unique and of high quality in terms of taste. The iconic bottle seals everything with a brand new look that can immediately be traced back to the land of origin of Keglevich Limited Edition: Poland. The glass is covered with a white snow covering that gradually fades towards transparency, from top to bottom, revealing the purity of vodka at the base. The label seals the origin: the colors of the Polish flag immediately catch the eye, white and red dominate winking even at Christmas that is approaching.

Keglevich Limited Edition is a collectible product, perfect for displaying at home and to give to friends, excellent smooth or blended drink, perhaps as the main ingredient of a special K-Fruit Mule!

You find it in the best hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the month of December, there is no time to lose!

And with that, all that remains is to wish you: Happy New 2020 with Keglevich Limited Edition!

For this Halloween Keglevich introduces a new K-Fruit Mule

The darkest night of the year has finally come. Witches, spirits, vampires, evil pumpkins and ghosts are ready to steal the show. The only thing left to do is let our fantasy flow, by creating disguises and special effects capable of scaring even the most daring! And in this gloomy occasion, while children will be “trick or treating” around, the grown ups will have a nice excuse to toast under the light of the full moon, sipping a cocktail so tasty that will give you the chills.

After the huge success of the most iconic vodka-based cocktail of the moment, the K-Fruit Mule (a fruity evolution of the Moscow Mule), Keglevich is coming back to “trick” everybody into a real treat: the K-Fruit Mule Halloween Edition, a themed mix that will make exquisite even the scariest of the toasts.

This new recipe has come to life from the insight of Vincenzo Lo Sappio, bartender of the Gin Fish Tasty and Tonic of Barletta and an always-up-to-date mixology professional, that has been working in the hospitality field since 15 years.

Simple and quick to make, is ideal to serve the new cocktail in Keglevich’s iconic copper cup, better if decorated with a singed cinnamon stick or rosemary and, don’t forget, a touch of pumpkin! To discover more visit the section “The Cocktails” on our website.

Trick or treat? K-Fruit Mule Halloween Edition!

Drinking cocktail while eating?

Food Pairing is the art born in the Anglo-Saxon countries of combining food with spirits such as gin, vodka and whiskey. The concept is built on the association of foods based on their molecular and aromatic composition. Wherefore, green light for all the cocktails able to enhance the contrast of flavors or their similarity. The goal is not just to find flavors that go well together, but to create a mix in which food and cocktails are mutually reinforcing and extracting unexpected nuances from each other.

What food goes perfectly with Moscow Mule?

If you think you haven’t found the perfect combination between food and cocktail, you might have not taken into consideration the Moscow Mule. The taste of vodka, together with the pinching side of ginger and the refreshing power of lime, make it one of the most interesting cocktails to pair food with. From paella to the more classic platter of cold cuts, you can never get tired of it. Even fish fits perfectly with this cocktail: spaghetti with zucchini and shrimps or plate-grilled salmon, both create a contrast of fragrances able to leave the mark. Another surprise is to find in potatoes; whether boiled, roasted, fried or backed, it’s an explosion of flavours when juxtaposed to a Moscow Mule. For the lovers of a more international cuisine, we suggest the cocktail together with a dish of Pad Thai. Ginger and Lime are the leading actors in both the Moscow Mule and the Thai cuisine: the attraction between the two is just irresistibile, and the cool notes of the cocktail will be able to quench the tipical spicyness of the dish.