6 distillations, premium quality.

Purity recipe.
15 June 2018

Since 1882 we’ve proudly used selected and all-natural ingredients to produce our vodka. Through the years we achieved the goal of a high quality vodka production by putting our efforts and resources into research and development of ingredients and production.

Thanks to this grand team work we created our new recipe: a selection of pure grain, pure Pilsen water, 6 distillations (twice as many as before) and one filtration.

This unique procedure let us reach purity and quality as never before.
Fruit-flavored Keglevich production only involves real fruit with no colorants or artificial flavouring.

The renewed quality of Keglevich is reflected by the new pack: its iconic bottle has been redesigned with a more modern and catchy look.
Now all you have to do is try our intense purity and intense and unique flavour, then choose your taste.