A Limited Edition not to be missed!

You already know Nabla & Zibe, artistic duo of international importance whose art escapes schemes and preconceptions and has a strong distinctive feature: the fluid thought.
By giving free rein to their art and by opening themselves up to the exchange and creation of new ideas, the artists gave life to the graphics of the new Limited Edition to strawberry and peach flavor, turning the iconic bottles into small collectable pieces.

All summer long, you will find the Limited Edition bottles from Nabla & Zibe together with a special gift: the t-shirts from the artists, subject to limited availability. Do you really want to risk missing it?

It’s time for Skip Ordinary People!

Keglevich does not even want to hear about ordinariness and to give up street art. Are you wondering how? By inviting those who skip the ordinary to be unique but also to fluidly embrace each others’ uniqueness.

Street art, fluidity and the extraordinary ordinariness are back. This time the creative hands are those from Nabla & Zibe, artistic duo of international importance characterized by a free and fluid expressive need, and by an idea of art that is unhooked from any schemes and preconceptions.

Street art and fluidity make up the fil rouge that follows the project. It goes from the creation of the new Keglevich Limited Edition, which become not only works of art to be collected but also T-shirts from the artists, to a national tour with 40 events between Northern, central and southern Italy, with the aim of connecting the bartending world to the world of street art, concept that is always closer to Keglevich.
Are you ready to join #SkipOrdinaryPeople?

Visit our dedicated page (link) to discover all the facets of this incredible project.