Skip Ordinary Moscow Mule is here!

Here comes the new project #SkipTheOrdinary signed GRAM, a collective of street artists from Milan with which an idea out of the ordinary was born. 

The news takes the name, and hashtag, #SkipOrdinaryMoscowMule. The basis of the project is the preparation of our K-Fruit Mule, the tasty reinterpretation of the Moscow Fruit Mule. Thanks to the stop motion technique, a video was created in which Vodka Keglevich Dry, Vodka Keglevich Peach, ginger beer, the Keglevich mug, fruit and ice dance together creating an animation of great effect. Between rainbows, stars and ice explosions, K-Fruit is composed to the rhythm of music and colors. 

To make the video it took over 35 hours of shooting for a total of 240 frames and a team of ten people who walked up and down the set for over 200km. 

From today on it will be even more artistic and fun to mix taste and originality even at home. With the K-Fruit Mule you can create a different work of art every day! Watch the video starring K-Fruit Mule Fishing and discover the other 9 flavors of K-Fruit Mule on the site.