It may be Dry, but it never dries up

Keglevich participated in the World Vodka Awards again this year, a world-renowned competition that selects every year the best vodka on an international level.

Medals are awarded based on taste and design, categories that involve experts from all over the world. The quality of the vodkas have been judged by leading journalists, specialised beverage sellers, distillers and industry experts.

After a careful selection and tasting, our Keglevich Dry Vodka won the bronze medal for the second consecutive year. Among the oldest Vodkas in the world (it was created in 1882), it stood out for the recognized quality of the raw materials and its intense aroma, pungent but with a clean taste. If Keglevich Dry is so popular, it is also due to the final note of peppery anise, a detail able to balance its taste and creaminess.

Now, after this good news, we just have to celebrate. Let’s have a toast… cheers!