The Keglevich Dry is now even more premium

The authorship of vodka has always been a big subject of contention between Poland and Russia, but it seems that Poland has finally won it, thanks to a written proof that goes back to 1405, coming from the Polish town of Sandomierz.
Poland is therefore the country that most of all has knowledge, skills and experience in the production of the most loved and used distillate in the world. Exactly for this reason that Poland was the chosen to give new birth to Keglevich Dry. The Polish city of Lublin boasts over 130 years of experience in the production of high quality alcohol, thanks to the continuous technological progress, and is home to the main production plant of the Stock group, which includes Keglevich Vodka.

Keglevich’s production is always improving, but its premium heart, its recipe, remains unchanged.

In fact, Keglevich’s journey begins with its carefully selected raw material: a mixture of 100% pure wheat with whole grains, made up of 60% wheat and 40% triticale, a very cold-resistant cereal, and comes from a selection and combination of rye and durum wheat. Wheat is made unique by the particularities of the soil, which is located near the coasts of the Baltic Sea. The production process involves 6 distillation cycles, to guarantee an extremely pure and precious liquid. The result is a highly digestible vodka with crystalline looks and a strong but light taste at the same time.

These are the trump cards that make Keglevich the No. 1 vodka in Italy.


Locked at home, separated from friends and relatives, nostalgia always around the corner, we are experiencing a difficult period, where seems there is nothing to celebrate. But it is in difficult moments that we must feel united and strengthen ourselves. That’s why we at Keglevich have decided to launch a new campaign, #aNoiCheStiamoUniti, to celebrate the closeness between people through the gesture that belongs to us most of all: the toast. 
A toast to us, Italians, people, who don’t let ourselves be discouraged and who, distant but united, don’t lose the will to toast and feel close to each other, each at home, in the hope that everything will go well and we can soon go back to hugging and having fun together.

In collaboration with the Friendz platform, we have launched our “virtual toast” on Instagram, which is rapidly engaging the spirit of many people who never lose the desire to share a “cheers” together, even if only through social networks.

If you also want to participate in our campaign, take a picture while making a toast and share it on your profile using our hashtag #aNoiCheStiamoUniti and tagging @keglevichitalia.

To break down the walls that separate us, sometimes a toast is enough.