The tradition of a limited edition toast.

The holidays are back, the toasts are back to say goodbye to the old year and, as is now tradition, the Limited Edition of the most beloved vodka is back: this year, on the occasion of the holidays, Keglevich Dry is renewed, both in the liquid and in the bottle paying homage to Poland, the country where the very origins of vodka sink.

A liquid made with 100% pure grain and obtained from a 6-cycle distillation process that makes it unique and of high quality in terms of taste. The iconic bottle seals everything with a brand new look that can immediately be traced back to the land of origin of Keglevich Limited Edition: Poland. The glass is covered with a white snow covering that gradually fades towards transparency, from top to bottom, revealing the purity of vodka at the base. The label seals the origin: the colors of the Polish flag immediately catch the eye, white and red dominate winking even at Christmas that is approaching.

Keglevich Limited Edition is a collectible product, perfect for displaying at home and to give to friends, excellent smooth or blended drink, perhaps as the main ingredient of a special K-Fruit Mule!

You find it in the best hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the month of December, there is no time to lose!

And with that, all that remains is to wish you: Happy New 2020 with Keglevich Limited Edition!