K-Fruit Mule gift box

Starting today, if you’re looking for Keglevich Peach and Keglevich Strawberry, you can find them in the new Keglevich gift box: a limited edition box including all your favorite fruit vodkas, featuring also, a free bottle of Cortese ginger beer and an exclusive mug branded by Keglevich.

This summer, within the Keglevich gift boxes, you’ll find all the needed ingredients to mix the delicious K-Fruit Mule directly at your home. Train up your bartender skills: mix the delicate sweetness of the fruit vodkas with the spicy taste of Cortese ginger beer. Then amaze your friends, by serving them your fruity Moscow Mule variant in the classic copper mug.

The Keglevich gift boxes are unique and eco-friendly (100% recyclables), and they are waiting for you in the best Supermarkets along Italy.
Find them on dedicated display stands, in promotional areas or near the shelves where you usually buy your favorite Keglevich.

Don’t waste your time: the Keglevich gift boxes will be available in stores only until July and only while stocks last.

And to make your cocktails even more special and become a true mixology artist, visit the cocktail section and find out which ingredients you can add to make your K-Fruit Mule even more amazing.

Pure mix, pure attraction.

And remember: to keep your Mug always shiny, wash it by hand.