K-Fruit Moscow Mule

If you love traditional Moscow Mule and you would like to discover a new way to taste it with your friends at home – anytime, from happy hour to after dinner – Keglevich offers you a fruity version that will surprise you with a unique flavour. When the purest vodka meets the gentle sweetness of fruit vodka and the spicy taste of ginger beer, the new cocktails by Keglevich are born: K- FRUIT MOSCOW MULES.

An easy, fast and delicious mix:

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ Keglevich Strawberry, ginger beer and juice of half a lime to toast with the new Strawberry K-Fruit Mule.

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ of Keglevich Peach, ginger beer and juice of half a lime to discover the new Peach K-Fruit Mule.

¼ of Keglevich Dry, ¼ of Keglevich Green Apple, ginger beer and juice of half a lime to surprise you with the new Green Apple K-Fruit Mule. 

Find out other ingredients to add to your mixes to make your K-Fruit Mules even more special. 

Go to the “cocktails page” and surprise yourself with the purest mix by Keglevich.

Keglevich comes back on TV and presents the new cocktails K-Fuit Moscow Mule

After the commercials that have shown the Pure Attraction between vodka and fruits, new episodes are born starring Keglevich cocktails: the K-Fruit Mules.

Inspired by the classic Moscow Mule recipe, the new Keglevich cocktails propose an innovative evolution with Keglevich Fruit in the mix.

The fruity version, thanks to its gently sweet notes, fits perfectly with other typical Moscow Mule ingredients, notoriously spicier: smooth vodka, ginger beer and lime. The result is a perfect balance between flavors and amazing taste. The K-Fruit Mules are perfect both for a toast during the aperitif and the whole evening. Find out on our website the commercials with the quick and easy recipes and prepare the irresistible Strawberry K-Fruit Mule, Peach K-Fruit Mule and Green Apple K-Fruit Mule to discover the art of the purest and easiest mixology ever.

Limited edition, unlimited style.

The most amazing gift under the Christmas tree is the one from Keglevich: the queen of the vodkas becomes the queen of the Holiday Season with the new Limited Edition. Ice crystals surround the Keglevich Dry bottle coted in a blue shade, making it more special for the month of December.

A glacial look to celebrate the new year in a new sparkling way.

The recipe, instead, is always the one of the purest vodka: 100% pure grain, Pilsen spring water, natural ingredients and 6 distillations for an even more intense taste.

The Keglevich Limited Edition is perfect in every Christmas’ moments: from the happy hour to the after dinner, from the Christmas’ Eve toast to the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

You can have it clear with ice or you can choose it as a perfect basis for your favorite cocktails, from Vodka Tonic to Moscow Mule, to heat the heart and the spirit in the most intense days of the year. And if you are looking for a surprisingly gift, Keglevich Limited Edition is even the perfect present for friends and relatives. You can find it at supermarkets, only in December!